Making icon pendants

in the workshop, Pendants
These are some of the tools that I use to make the icon pendants.
First of all I use a scriber and combination square to mark the silver strip ready for cutting into two equal length pieces
In this example I will be making a star design
I cut out the design from paper. I leave a little tab of paper to help making aligning it on the pendant easier and more accurate when gluing to the silver
I drill a small hole to pass through a traditional jewellers saw blade to cut out the star design
A flat edge is applied to each half of the pendant to ensure a really good strong join and crisp look to the design
After the designs have been cut out and filed the two pieces are ready for joining
Hallmark grade silver solder paste is applied to each half and the 4 pendants are now ready for heating.
After soldering they will need to be pickled to remove soldering flux, cleaned and any excess solder carefully removed.
Once clean from flux the inside of the pendant can be oxidised to maximise the contrast of each icon pendant