Making an Ellipse pendant

One of the new product lines I've been working on lately is the Ellipse pendants. These are hammered silver with an icon cut out to show the gold leaf on the inside. Here I'll take you through a few of the steps involved in making each finished item.

First we need a few tools and a strip of silver.

I measure and cut 2 pieces the same length.

These are then bent to shape and filed so that there is a really close join between the two parts.

Once they are a good fit they need the texture applying. This is done by lovingly walloping it with a hammer that has been polished so it wont leave scratches.

This particular pendant will have a star cut out of the front. I find the size star that looks the best fit and mark a very light line up the center of the pendant, this helps to position it exactly.

When I'm happy with the position of the star it is ready to be cut out. I drill a small hole so I can fit a saw blade through it then very slowly follow the outline.

It is now ready to solder to the other half of the pendant. There is a thin layer of silver solder that melts and joins the two pieces together when it is heated with a blowtorch.


After soldering the pendant needs cleaning before oxidizing, polishing and leafing the inside with 23.75 kt gold.

I have a few different designs so far and they will be available to buy in the shop at £75 from the 24th March.

For the first month on sale there is a discount code available, enter the code on checkout and you can get £15 off each Ellipse pendant you buy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Ellipse pendants being made and like how they turn out.

The discount code is ELLIPSE15 and will be active for 4 weeks from the 24th of March to the 21st of April 2018